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Have it your way, CUSTOMIZE it!

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Do you have an old Mauser that you want to make into a sporting gun? We can make it happen!
The photo below is a VZ 24, 8mm Mauser, shown above a Spanish Mauser '98 that has been converted into a 22-250 Ackley Improved. The options that you want to add or change are completely up to you.
Everyone has their own preference as to what they find important in a gun. To some it is the trigger, trigger pull, trigger type, whatever. To others it matters where the safety is located, what type, the appearance or whatever they choose. To others the gun is a work of art, to others the gun is a functional piece of equipment and still to others it is both.
The joys of a custom gun are that you can pick and choose and have it made to your standards and specifications and definitely be different than everybody elses and still meet your needs and preferences.
A couple of the projects that we have done are shown above. The complete gun was done by our shop.

The top rifle above is a model 770 Winchester chambered to 257 Weatherby Magnum. The barrel was mady by Douglas, the muzzle brake is a micro brake by Vias, and a Richard's Microfit claro walnut stock custom shaped and hand checkered finishes it off.


-This gun was previously a 300 Winchester Magnum. Since it was a long action with a magnum bolt face the owner decided to make another belted magnum caliber. The barrel started as 25 caliber blank, 1 in 10 twist. We threaded and chambered the barrel, installed the muzzle brake, turned it to size, and polished it all up. The stock was ordered as a modern classic but the palm swell was removed, the forend slendered up considerably, and the cheek piece reduced in size. Then it was finished with Tru-Oil using multiple coats, sanding in between to fill the grain. Finally it was hand rubbed with stock sheen to give it a satin look making the finish look very deep and uniform. A self designed pattern was hand checkered into the stock to finish it off.


The second rifle is a Mauser '98, chambered for 240 Weatherby Magnum, Adams & Bennett barrel, custom brake, and a Richard's Mircrofit bastogne walnut stock custom shaped and hand checkered with a slightly different pattern.


-This gun was a 270 winchester that had been modified so the owner decided to change it into something unique. It was done the same as the Winchester above. The action was trued up with the threads and off we went. A Bold trigger was used with an integral side safety. The bolt shroud was modified to get a more streamlined look. The bolt handle was replaced with a sleeker more functional design that cleared the scope. On this gun the muzzle brake is made using the last inch or so of the barrel. There are multiple ports in a plug screwed into the front of the barrel used for vents. The forend tip and pistol grip cap are ebony.


Both rifles are shown with Limb Saver recoil pads.


Another rifle (Shown below) completed is a Remington 700 BDL, chambered for a 270 Winchester Short Magnum, Shilen barrel, custom brake, and quilted maple stock carved from a blank.  The gun started as a 243 Winchester but the owner said it did not shoot and wanted to make something esle.  This is an example of a custom stock design completed from a basic block of heavily figured lumber. Amboyna burl tip and grip cap with a pachmayr recoil pad.  A gold colored bolt shroud was installed to add a little variety.  The customer got what they wanted and the end result in our opinion is beautiful!


Let us know what you want and we can most likely dream up a way to do it!

We strive to be creative!
Variety is the spice of life. Why have a custom gun if it looks like everyone elses? We offer a full range of services from truing up your action, lapping the bolt lugs, threading and chambering the barrel of your choice, scope mount drilling and tapping, and custom muzzle brakes. Metal work is our specialty. Including bluing from a matte to an almost black gloss depending on customer preference.

L & L Machine
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